Thank you for all who have contributed to the cause. And thanks to all who have helped spread the word. Here is a brief update, along with a quick summary of what the Challenge is all about.

Fibre Walk


Can’t Get Online Week, in association with the CLA (Country Land and Business Association) is a week long challenge, alongside the national Get Online Week, during which I will be visiting some of the country’s remoter communities and challenging them to see what I can do to persuade them of the benefits of the internet, and explore what can be done to help get them online. The Challenge takes place between the week of 30th October to 6th November 2011. I still need to raise funds to make this a reality, so would be really grateful if you could put something in the hat here.


I now have a draft itinerary for the week, as follows:

Monday 31st October: Essex/Norfolk

Tuesday 1st November: West Midlands

Wednesday 2nd November: North West

Thursday 3rd November: North East (including the Northern Farming Conference in Sedgefield, County Durham)

Friday:  Yorkshire

Saturday: TBC

So, now you have a rough idea of where I’ll be, and when, please shout up if you think I should visit your community.